What JWEF is:

JWEF was established in 1992 for women engineers to achieve the objectives by networking and exchanging information.
The objectives are to improve each engineer’s skill, to create the comfortable working environment where women engineers can demonstrate own abilities, and to contribute to society in increasing the number of women engineers.


Japan experiences the industrial restructuring driven by specialization and advancement in science and technology. Accordingly, the mobility of engineering population and the diversity of career paths and responsibilities in the profession have been increasing.
Most of all, there has been a growing demand for engineers. Meanwhile, many women engineers have made significant contribution to the profession.
However, the absolute number of women engineers is still small. Also, the individual expertise is not always reflected on current human resources for engineering.
JWEF promotes networking among women engineers who often leave to be isolated in their workplaces, such as enterprises, educational and research institutes.
We hold various training courses across sectors and fields. These activities provide opportunities for women to achieve the self-development as well as to be empowered to play an active role in the profession.
Furthermore, JWEF conducts various researches and studies, and develops socially influential recommendations based on the findings.

JWEF Objectives:

  • Networking and Friendship
    We promote
    • Networking among women engineers across specialities
    • Networking with female students aspiring to an engineering career
    • Networking with other Japanese as well as overseas organizations including INWES (International Network of Women Engineers & Scientist) and SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
    • Friendship through regular meetings and interest groups
  • Exchanging Information
    We promote
    • Exchanging information across sectors and fields
    • Research and Study on women engineers
  • Increasing and Empowering Women Engineers
    We provide
    • Career information and role models for female students including junior/senior high school and university students
    • Recommendations and messages to build gender-equal society
  • Career and Leadership Development
    We encourage
    • Career and leadership development through lectures and training courses
    • Enhancing knowledge and skills through study tours and workshops

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